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We launched Teampact as a free Open Beta to make it accessible to all teams in a time of need.

As user of the Open Beta we invite you to take part in shaping our product by testing it and letting us know what you think. Simply click the "report issue" button within the software to contact us.

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At this stage, the most notable limitations include:

Mobile devices and tablets are not supported yet.
Teampact can be used with desktop only, with resolutions beyond 1024x768 pixels.
Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge Chromium.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.
Currently you can only be part of one team.
Please check your “junk-folder” of your mailbox in case you are missing an email from Teampact.
The factors

12 scientifically based factors provide deeper insights into your team

We reviewed more than 120 studies and articles, conducted surveys and interviews with agile teams and started a cooperation with the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT).

Based on the results of our research, we identified and validated 12 Teampact factors that supports teams to gather insights on how well they are working as a group.

You can seize the power of these factors simply by using Teampact within your agile team.


The team members are highly committed to their goals, perform their tasks in a dutiful manner and hold each other accountable.


Communication is a process in which information is exchanged accurately, directly, openly and in a timely manner between two or more team members.

Goal Clarity

The team knows and understands its commonly agreed goals and tasks.  This enables the team to work goal-oriented and to monitor progress in regards of their achievement.

Mutual Support

The willingness and ability of the team members to support each other in fulfilling their tasks, to distribute the workload equally and to stand up for each other.


Playfulness occurs when the team is internally motivated by the work itself and enjoys the work. Playfulness is fostered by the team's eagerness to experiment and the willingness to tackle challenging tasks.

Role Clarity

Team members have clear roles with defined boundaries. They  understand the individual and shared responsibilities of all members.

Skills & Competencies

The team has the appropriate complementary skills and competencies and is able to perform work functions and complex activities in a flexible and seamless manner.

Team Autonomy

Team autonomy includes independent decision-making with regard to a specific work function, project or task, as well as the freedom to choose the most appropriate approach.

Team Impact

Team fundamentally believes that the work they are doing matters, creates change and has an impact on the organization.

Team Learning

Team Learning includes regular feedback, appreciation and reflection, with the aim of continuously adapting and growing as a team.

Team Purpose

The team purpose describes the "why" of a team. It occurs when the team appreciates the result of its work and can identify with its mission.


Trust provides a sense of safety and enables a team to be transparent, to open up and share knowledge. If the level of trust is high, the team members expose vulnerability, which means that they openly address weaknesses and tough issues, and take risks on this team without feeling embarassed.

“Teampact helps to start a deep and honest discussion within the retrospective.”
Juan Carlos Coello
Scrum Master at Haufe Group

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