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Who should use Teampact?
Teampact is a software product dedicated to enabling people working in teams who want to thrive in a changing work environment. So if you and your team want to continuously improve and adapt and therefore increase your team health, Teampact is for you!
How many employees should a company have to make use of Teampact?
Teampact is a powerful software for companies of any size,  irrespective of number of teams, because it focuses on the individual team.
We successfully do retros regularly in our team. Do I even need Teampact?
Most definitely, the one does not replace the other. Teampact generates insights on team health based on the latest research in academia. This new level of knowledge can be the basis for structured and continuous team development as it points out the areas which go well and the ones with the highest potential for improvement. Teampact's carefully chosen set of actions can complement the scrum master's tool kit and enhance the teams retros. This will support you in structuring feedback and enabling your team to adapt and improve, based on the statistical data provided by your team.
How much does Teampact cost?
As we are still in Open Beta phase, Teampact is completely free to use. We are working on possible pricing models but for now, our focus is on providing teams with a means to develop and have impact in these uncertain times.
Is it possible to understand who answered which question and gave a specific rating?
No, the team itself can only view the aggregated team results. Teampact does not allow conclusions to be drawn on who gave which rating for a question. If several teams of your company participate, a team can not see the results of another team.
What is the analytics process behind Teampact, i.e. how do my survey answers end up influencing certain factors?
The calculation of your factor values is based on moving averages. What does that mean? The average for each day will be calculated by taking the last 30 days of responses into account, with less importance given to the older responses. Whenever you look at the data, you can see the average from today compared with the last 14 days. This creates a picture of your team health overtime.
Which factors are taken into account in analysing team impact in Teampact?
The factors which are analysed in a team in Teampact are: Team Purpose, Team Autonomy, Skills & Competencies, Trust, Accountability, Mutual Support, Team Impact, Team Learning, Role Clarity, Goal Clarity, Communication and Playfulness. The factors have been identified and determined using a scientific approach.
How are the improvement actions chosen for my team?
Actions are based on different sources (communities, books, coaching methods, etc.) and validated by teams and experienced experts. They are tailored to support teams to improve specific Teampact factors. Almost all actions can also be used by remote teams. Which improvement actions are selected by teams and how successful they are rated to be by teams across organisations also determines whether a specific action is going to be presented again. The most popular improvement actions will be presented most frequently.
Can I add my own improvement actions to Teampact?
Because the recommended actions are created, tested and validated by the content team at Haufe, it is currently not possible to add your own actions. If you think a recommendation is missing, please get in touch with us at, we're grateful for any suggestions!
Where and in which data centre is the data that will be provided by users hosted and stored?
Teampact's data is stored in an Amazon Web Services data center located in the European Union. Analytical data is also going to Usersnap, the feedback tool integrated into Teampact, with datacenters in Ireland and Germany as well as subproviders in the USA under EU model clause, as well as to our analytical tool Mixpanel, which hosts in the USA under EU model clause.
Can other registered teams see my team's aggregated results in Teampact?
No, only people registered in your team can see the aggregated results in your team's dashboard.
How is the process behind the weekly input emails?
Your team is sent a new survey with the same set of questions every week. The questions will refresh after one week at which point you will be given a new set of questions to answer.
The team members are highly committed to their goals, perform their tasks in a dutiful manner and hold each other accountable.
Communication is a process in which information is exchanged accurately, directly, openly and in a timely manner between two or more team members.
Goal Clarity
The team knows and understands its commonly agreed goals and tasks.  This enables the team to work goal-oriented and to monitor progress in regards of their achievement.
Mutual Support
The willingness and ability of the team members to support each other in fulfilling their tasks, to distribute the workload equally and to stand up for each other.
Playfulness occurs when the team is internally motivated by the work itself and enjoys the work. Playfulness is fostered by the team's eagerness to experiment and the willingness to tackle challenging tasks.
Role Clarity
Team members have clear roles with defined boundaries. They understand the individual and shared responsibilities of all members.
Skills & Competencies
The team has the appropriate complementary skills and competencies and is able to perform work functions and complex activities in a flexible and seamless manner.
Team Autonomy
Team autonomy includes independent decision-making with regard to a specific work function, project or task, as well as the freedom to choose the most appropriate approach.
Team Impact
Team fundamentally believes that the work they are doing matters, creates change and has an impact on the organization.
Team Learning
Team Learning includes regular feedback, appreciation and reflection, with the aim of continuously adapting and growing as a team.
Team Purpose
The team purpose describes the "why" of a team. It occurs when the team appreciates the result of its work and can identify with its mission.
Trust provides a sense of safety and enables a team to be transparent, to open up and share knowledge. If the level of trust is high, the team members expose vulnerability, which means that they openly address weaknesses and tough issues, and take risks on this team without feeling embarassed.
Does the Teampact software need to be installed on a computer or is it 100% browser based?
Teampact is cloud-based, i.e. only a web browser is needed to run it.
Is there a minimum or maximum limit of team members for Teampact?
There is no minimum number for Teampact to work, though we recommend to have at least 3 members per team for Teampact to generate value. There is no maximum team size restriction, though having a maximum of around 10 team members ensures the improvement actions can be conducted efficiently.
I am a Scrum Master for several teams. Can I join more than one team on Teampact?
As we are currently in Open Beta, this is unfortunately not possible as of now. However, we plan to implement it at a later stage.
What are the technical requirements to run Teampact?
Teampact can be used with desktop devices with resolutions beyond 1024x600 pixels. Mobile devices and tablets are not supported. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge Chromium. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.
How can I remove myself from a team in Teampact?
If you want to remove yourself or a team member from a team, please click on the '+' to add team members, click on the profile of the person you want to remove and and click 'Remove team member'. That profile will be removed from the team but will NOT be deleted from Teampact.
How can we delete a team from Teampact?
It is currently not possile for users to delete a team. However, users can leave their current team (include link to that question?) and join a new team. If you really want to delete the whole team, please raise a ticket through Teampact.

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