High-performance teams – the success for the future!

This quote by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith from the book The Wisdom of Teams illustrates the importance of teams in today's world of work. Our experience also shows that agile, self-organized teams are the guarantee for success in our business unit. The idea these small, cross-functional teams set their own goals within the corporate or divisional strategy and jointly define the steps on how to achieve their goals in short sprints. This approach should help to develop, test and adapt innovative products and services in shorter working cycles.

The work doesn’t stop though with just the implementation of agile teams. Many factors must sync together to become or remain a functioning and successful team. Many studies and investigations have already dealt with the question of what constitutes a high-performance team. Patrick Licioni for example mentions in his book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" the lack of trust, the fear of conflicts, the lack of commitment, the avoidance of accountability and the neglect of results as reasons why teams are not successful. In addition, Google's re:work study identified five key factors of high-performance teams: psychological safety, reliability, structure and clarity, meaning of work and impact of work.

The list of key characteristics of high-performance teams is long. However, it is often difficult for teams to determine, in addition to their daily tasks, which issues they should pay more attention to in order to function as a strong unit. Furthermore, there are often no specific measures to help them develop continuously and grow as a team.

It is not an easy task to become a high-performance team, but our experience shows that it is worthwhile to focus on collaboration, to reflect continuously and to work on ourselves. To get a little better every day, People.OS helps us – a solution created by teams for teams!

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