Focus on teams! Why do we not focus on the individual anymore?

For this reason teams have become the focus of attention. "Because ordinary decision-making, impact and data-feedback loops feedback of ordinary decision-making, impact and data have become so fast that we can no longer proceed at all with the centralized responsibilities that is normal in hierarchical companies," said journalist Sascha Lobo in an interview. We need shared responsibilities and teams in which different skills, competencies and knowledge come together. Allowing different perspectives, which can come from diversity in competencies, increases the likelihood of finding the right way to solve problems together. "The ability to innovate does not depend on the one ingenious person in the company. Innovations are the result of people working together," explains Linda Hill, behavioral researcher at Harvard Business School, who has been investigating how innovations are created and what role teams play in that creation for years. "The basis for successful innovation management is diversity and conflict (ability)," continues Hill. "People with different competencies and skills come together, argue about their ideas and then breathe life into the jointly developed ideas as a team" - this is the secret of truly innovative companies.

Teams that work independently and feel ownership on the challenges take responsibility for the solution they develop. Everyone contributes to the success of the team with his or her work, and thus each member is responsible for the success. Commitment and the will to succeed are higher in this setup than with teams that process tasks delegated from above. Decisions are made where they are immediately effective, as Lobo phrases it. This creates and strengthens a "we"-feeling. This "we"-feeling and the responsibility for the result means that the team works closely with the customers and that their needs and wishes are always present in the development iterations. Regular user feedback ensures that customer actual needs are not overlooked. After all, the team as an entity stands for its actions. Steve Jobs was right: "Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people."

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