We believe that teams are the power cells of successful companies.
Helping teams to measurably and continuously improve how they work together
is what drives and excites us.

Teampact is a software which empowers agile teams to grow sustainably and increase the impact and value they generate. For better retros.
For improved performance, commitment and satisfaction – even remotely.
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“Teampact supports us as a team to collaborate better, to be more productive and sustainably reach our goals.”
Ramon Salla Rovira
Agile Coach & Scrum Master at Haufe Group

Your way to increase team impact...

Scientific framework to support sustainable team development

Based on in-depth research of more than 120 studies we established a unique framework with 12 factors which drives your sustainable team development.

This gives you the solid background you need for an empowered team. Insights directly from your team members make your progress measurable and systematic – even remotely.

With Teampact you can uncover your team health over time to make better decisions and ensure sustainable growth.

The factor levels and answers are ideal for a deep dive in your retrospectives and foster more meaningful reflection and conversation.
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Take action with tailored recommendations

Ready-to-use improvement actions support you to target the areas where you need to improve – specifically tailored to your situation.

Supporting your team growth short and long term, you can leverage your teams‘ full potential.

The ‘validated by 15 teams’ label helps you to identify best practices.

Reflect and vote how valuable this action was for your team and contribute to the wisdom of the crowd by rating the improvement action.
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...for your sustainable team development.

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